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Transforming alternative investment operations
HS Oversight is a cloud-based technology solution, a completely new approach enabling the alternatives fund manager to transition to a lean, independent and highly efficient oversight model.

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Easily source more information on a timely basis across their service providers for their investment management and investor reporting duties.
Quality assess and augment data applying industry intelligence, map it against internal data, resolve any breaks and inconsistencies collaboratively with their providers and – applying all controls required – feed it right into their own systems.
Do more for their clients, do it transparently, in a timely and quality assessed way, collaboratewith their clients, both data and process wise, while dramatically upping internal efficiency
Easily source
Quality data
Efficiency & transparency
Introduction to the business and product vision
HS Oversight is a Cloud-based technology solution, enabling the fund manager invested in alternatives to transition to a lean and independent Oversight model, largely eliminating their internal operations. Providing timely transparency across providers and industry-intelligently validated and augmented data right into the fund manager's systems. While supporting effective collaboration between the parties with all the controls to retain full accountability.

Infonic has a long track record working with some of the best known and largest names in alternatives fund management and administration. Our core HedgeSphere products help fund managers plan, execute and track their investments in alternatives, project liquidity, accurately estimate fund valuation and performance as well as manage the fund's investor side.

At our clients and across the market we have seen growing dissatisfaction with the way fund managers are working with their service providers. We found that Oversight is the operating model of choice for the parties and it needs to address the following:
Current attempts at solutions – whether technology, service or a combination thereof – are fundamentally flawed. We've rethought how to leverage latest technology around our deep understanding of the industry and as a product vendor built our completely new technology solution HS Oversight.
How can HS Oversight
help your business
HS Oversight creates a new way of Cloud-based, industry-intelligent collaborative working for fund managers, asset owners and service providers across alternative assets.

Implementing the HS Oversight product allows thefund manager to move from internal operation to a lean and accountable Oversight operating model as a foundation for their main duties, investment management and investor reporting.

Most companies look for a gradual yet highly cost-effective transition to Oversight, potentially multiyear, rating risk as their prime concern. HS Oversight is designed to allow for a custom-tailored, value/risk driven adoption path. Following are a few illustrative cases how our customers are putting the product to use. These are in arbitrary order and may easily be combined.
Enabling a Lean & Accountable Operating Model
based on Oversight

Choose a task and discover real world efficiency
Our Use Cases highlight the transformative capability of HS Oversight.
Collecting and Validating Investment Prices and Performance
Aim: Transitioning ops work from the Fund Manager to the Administrator
The fund manager desires to remain on top of its investment positions throughout the month without the need to independently collect pricing information.

Responsibility for data collection is moved to its administrator with HS Oversight ensuring no compromise is needed on timeliness and quality of data.

HS Oversight makes this change of responsibility possible by:
  • Providing ongoing access to latest pricing information collected by the administrator, collaboratively mapping these onto the fund managers security master
  • Assessing quality of received data, identifying potential issues and ensuring only validated information is passed into the fund managers' own systems
  • Allowing real time collaboration with the administrator, addressing issues as they arise, autoresolving any breaks by data retransmitted after correction at source
Estimating NAV from Investment GAV & Validating against Administrators
Aim: Eliminating "to-the-cent" ops work at the Fund Manager by employing an engine to produce industry-intelligent approximations
The fund manager wants to remove its shadow accounting function. At the same time, it wants to retain the ability to understand fund performance at all times as a basis for its investor reporting. And continuing to scrutinize administrator produced NAVs.

HS Oversight removes the need to maintain a shadow book of records by:
  • Sourcing investment book of records (IBOR) from service providers on an ongoing basis directly from their systems, mapped against the fund manager's security master
  • Estimating – by applying deep industry intelligence – ongoing NAV including expenses, fees and P&L allocation across share classes, series and investors. On the basis of latest IBOR, prior official admin valuation and portfolio setup data
  • Providing the estimate data for investment management and investor reporting, in the required form, timeliness and quality, across providers, right into the manager's systems
  • Reconciling administrator-produced official NAVs and investor balances with internally estimated numbers, flagging only outliers for further investigation
Optimizing Full-Lifecycle Trade Flow & Synchronizing Fund Masters
Aim: Create central point of truth for Fund Manager and Administrator on shared information
The administrator wants to provide ongoing transparency on trades in execution while getting timely notification of investments the manager contemplates making. Eliminating the need for email and file exchanges on trade status. And allowing the administrator to on-board new funds ahead of time.

HS Oversight improves transparency on trade flow and allows for a distributed fund master by:
  • Notifying the administrator of intended subscriptions into new funds, allowing for setup (including legal checks, preparing subscription docs, etc.) and mapping ahead of time
  • Acting as the hub and repository for all trade instructions sent by the manager including amendments and cancellations, available to the administrator's trade execution system
  • Collecting and sharing all updates over the trade lifecycle to final settlement and accounting as provided by the administrator / custodian, providing transparency on progress to the manager
Run Investment Planning and Dealing off the Service Providers' Data
Aim: Eliminate the need for shadow accounting at the fund manager by leveraging timely sourced, quality assessed and approved data from service providers for all downstream activities
The fund manager wants to retain its independent validation of the administrator(s) data yet remove its shadow accounting function. Its existing systems for investment management and investor reporting shall remain in place, working off service provider data that passes a quality gate as the manager deems appropriate for each of his activities.

HS Oversight enables eliminating the shadow accounting function by:
  • Collecting all relevant information from the manager's service providers by sourcing data directly from their systems and mapping the provider(s)' to the manager's security master
  • Performing vertical & horizontal analytical checks on the data across providers and internally sourced data, flagging breaks and issues and enabling to work purely exception based
  • Allowing real time collaboration with the administrator(s) to resolve breaks and issues throughout the month and well in advance of the production of the official NAVs
  • Putting at disposition the data for investment management, compliance and investor reporting, in the required form and of the desired quality, right into the manager's systems
  • Cloud based; while supporting integrating with both on-premise & cloud-based systems for incoming and outgoing data at fund managers and service providers
  • Selective data and process permissioning of users across firms
  • Distributed master data model with central, collaborative master data mapping
  • Notification-mechanisms for integrated workflows with 3rd party tools (e.g. MS Teams)
  • Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, elastic application services architecture
  • Highly scalable multi-tenant application design
  • Allowing to service from the smallest to the very largest fund manager and service provider
  • Customizable by tenant on all core aspects of the application
  • Single to many use cases within a tenant
  • Affordable price model, free tailored product trial
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) model for zero cost in technology deployment & maintenance
  • Implementation may be tailored by client, agile delivery with short timescales to production
  • Frequent releases of new business functionality to production; continuous hot-fixing of issues
  • Latest standard technology, Security by design with regular audits by specialized consultancy
  • Backed by leading clients and product team with proven industry expertise and a long-term view
  • Business centric design for effectiveness & appeal; ongoing refinement on client feedback
  • Exception & Notification based, maximum awareness while requiring lowest user touch
  • Multi device including tablet and mobile, so users
  • can work location-independent
User experience first
Easy & affordable adoption
A team of industry experts
starting with a clean sheet
HS Oversight employs product design and latest technology as an enabler for a new Oversight operating model creating value for businesses and people. Engineered for appeal, simplicity and disruptive power by one team of industry experts, UX designers and technology gurus.
We are an established independent vendor of technology products, majority owned by founder and staff. The company has a proven core team of 30 people based in Switzerland and Romania and flexible access to capacity and skills with our 800 people development/run partner Accesa. To scale and provide local footprint for client service we augment our team with specialized industry partners.

Most companies look for a gradual yet highly cost-effective transition to Oversight, potentially multiyear, rating risk as their prime concern. HS Oversight is designed We help our clients gain insight and control over an investment and operational process that for alternative asset classes continues to be largely fragmented and highly manual. We deliver a suite of software products providing support for the entire investment & cash lifecycle, smart integration with the market, as well as aggregation and analysis across all assets.

Clients relying on our products include the world's leading specialists in alternatives, banks and buy side advisors to pension funds and other institutional asset owners; 65% in USA, 35% in Europe.

Class leading thinking working with industry leading names
Infonic has 70+ years of experience in working for and in alternative investment managers and their service providers.
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